About PCF

Etymologically philanthropy means the 'love of humanity'. It translates broadly to caring, nourishing, developing and enhancing the lives of other human beings. Established in 2009, the Pink Chain Foundation is a non-governmental organization, whose raison d'être is to give people the knowledge and correct channels to get involved with social and charitable causes.

MISSION The Pink Chain Foundation’s mantra is to empower, encourage and inspire people like you, to create and participate in events that will raise funds and spread awareness, for charitable causes. The Pink Chain Foundation has been organized exclusively for charitable awareness and educational and scientific purposes.

Our interest in charitable work is rooted in age-old Indian philosophies. Traditionally spiritual advancement is the goal of Indian giving, but today, inspired by the philanthropic work of people like Bill and Miranda Gates, India’s wealthy are combining these traditional aspects with the modern concepts of sustainable development and progress. Though the term NGO became popular in India only in the 1980s, the voluntary sector has an older tradition, with Indian NGO’s being traced back to the ideologies of the Ramakrishna Mission, Mahatma Gandhi, Sarvodaya, Jesuit Missions and even Marxism.

Our Goal

NGOs need healthy and dynamic relationships with the public to meet their goals. We intend to provide foundations and charities that tackle various humanitarian issues a platform to build these relationships.

By using our public relations capabilities we aspire to raise funds and awareness on behalf of these various NGOs. The PCF team works behind the scenes to orchestrate a carefree and memorable event for the attendees. Once the board identifies the cause, we tackle the logistical and administrative aspects of planning a fundraiser event.

These include, but are not limited to: corresponding with charity, publicizing the event, and managing all fundraising transactions.

PCF acts as a funnel between the sponsors and the NGO. The funds PCF raises through its events and from sponsors are directed to the NGO. From there on, the NGO appropriates the funds towards the cause. We guarantee that each penny of yours will be spent towards the cause.

A minimum of 90% of all Pink Chain donations find their way to accredited breast cancer projects. 10% of all Pink Chain donations are labeled for administrative support.

Vision and Deliverables

The most fundamental tenet of PCF’s vision is to promote philanthropy and help every person get the chance to live a healthy life, by fulfilling basic needs.

We accept that for every success story, there will be some projects that we fund, that might fail. We actually not only accept this, but we expect it. But we will learn from them. And we will make them our future success stories, by emulating and learning from them.

An essential part of philanthropy is to invest in solutions that governments and corporations can’t afford to make. Sometimes these investments are gambles. But slowly we will learn which investments pay off and we will adjust our strategies, for better, more positive and far-reaching results for the next time, so everyone benefits.

At the end of the day, we are optimists. We believe that by focusing on a few big goals and working with our partners on innovative solutions, we can help every person get the chance to live a healthy fulfilled life.

Our Objectives - We define our Objectives with the 5 A's

  • Awareness - public awareness and acceptance of breast cancer related issues (examining, education, research)
  • Alignment - global alignment of local, national and international breast cancer initiatives
  • Advocacy - advocating for funding Public, Government, Health Care Institutions and Industry
  • Accreditation - procedure for using the official ribbon, preventing hoaxes and abuse
  • Alliances - partnering with Public, Government, Health Care Institutions and Industry without losing independence

Our Deliverables - We define our Objectives with the 5 A's

  • Maintaining PCF Website
  • Publishing PCF Calendar/Brochure
  • Issuing PCF Tee-shirts at various events
  • Selecting PCF AmbassadorsInitiating Pink Ribbon Activities and Events
  • Generate awareness for the cause we raise sponsorship for
  • Selection of NGO and cause done with great sensitivity
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