Indian Cancer Society

PCF aims to help cancer society’s raise funds and get sponsorships by doing a FASHION ART AND MUSIC event for the cause in December where proceeds were given to PRASHANTI to encourage the following:

  • Provide awareness, information, resources, support and guidance for patients, caregivers, providers, and all persons whose lives have been affected directly or indirectly by breast cancer.
  • Promote and focus research into the causes, prevention, treatment, cure and other medical aspects of breast cancer.
  • Assist, directly or indirectly, any third-party charitable organizations involved in any aspect of breast cancer awareness and research.
  • Conduct any and all lawful activities, which may be useful in accomplishing the foregoing purposes.
  • Help other cancer societies to raise funds and create awareness through events and sponsorships.
  • To improve and upgrade medical care in various hospitals and villages through already existing NGO’s
  • To provide financial support for training of doctors and staff who specialize in the field of cancer.

PCF is also hosting an evening of glamorous designs, couture and art, to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. To spread awareness with ART, FASHION and MUSIC FOR A CAUSE, mid of November 2011 at LAP, Samrat Hotel.

The Pink Chain Foundation’s mantra is to empower, encourage and inspire people like you, to create and participate in events that will raise funds and spread awareness, for charitable causes. The Pink Chain Foundation has been organized exclusively for charitable awareness and educational and scientific purposes, is making the fight against breast cancer a special focus for 2011 - 2012.

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