Umang which means ‘Joy’, is Samsara”s endeavor to provide support for the ‘not so fortunate’ ones in our society. Our motto, as the very name suggests, is to instill the ‘joy of learning’ within a formalized school structure to the economically under privileged children and to bring into their world all the activities which children of their age enjoy.

Led by a band of dedicated and motivated young educators, voluntary workers and children of all our schools, these children have been put into groups according to their biological and intellectual abilities. Apart from academics, these children also participate in several non-academic activities, such as story telling, games, music, craft work, block printing & needlework etc.

For girls who attend the morning Government School Lal Bhandhur Shastri School”, Umang provides a support to help them with their homework, and gives them vocational training to empower them with vocational skills . The vocational centre of Umang is also supported by a self help group of women who do knitting and crochet to supplement their family income.

A parent volunteers once a week to do sessions on social issues; and hygiene with the senior children.

Umang caters to about 700 children of which 60% are girls, from the socially and economically disadvantaged background. They are served with a healthy drink and snack everyday. The children are provided with uniform, winter garments and shoes.

It is an effort to reach out to our neighboring slum children to occupy them gainfully in the afternoon hours, so that they can add value to their lives by learning some skills. It is also been our endeavor to reach out through the children to their families on the issues of health, hygiene and civic sense. Special emphasis has been on the girl child. Some promising children are integrated into the main school with total financial and other support.

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