CanKids KidsCan - National Society for Change for Childhood Cancer in India works across the entire spectrum of Childhood Cancer Care. Through our signature program YANA - You Are Not Alone - we hold the hands of the child with cancer and family./

As the year round breast cancer awareness campaign commences for our foundation e decided to have a PINK sports meet where students of various schools participated. Not only the staff but also the parents of all our thousands of children actively participated in the awareness workshop and donated very kindly towards our cause.

Games and sports play a very important role in a child’s physical and psychological development. Through these activities, a spirit of competition and sportsmanship is cultivated which pushes children to challenge themselves and surpass their limitations.

To prepare children from the economically disadvantaged strata of society and with an aim to weave them into the mainstream, Concern India Foundation initiated an Inter NGO Sports Meet, organized by PINK CHAIN FOUNDATION.

We believe a strong sports culture contributes greatly to the all-round development of a child. We extend support to many grass-root programs in the area of education and realized the need for a sporting event that would bring the various beneficiaries of these NGO’s together within a playful competition environment.

The Inter NGO Sports Meet is a sports day that includes various races, throws, jumps and other athletic events for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Besides offering an enjoyable day out experience, the sports day also provides an opportunity for the children from various NGOs to intermingle with each other and share their learning experiences. An additional function of this event is to expose the children to the career options available to them in sports. Conducted in Delhi, Greater Noida, Meerut and Gugoan the meet is to spread awareness for our various causes through the area of sports which brings out the physical demonstration of fitness & sportsmanship spirit amongst children.

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