The Green Brigade hopes to make the earth a greener planet through the forms of Tree plantations and awareness exhibitions in the schools.

With Mr. A.P.J ABDUL KALAM AS the Chief Guest and spreading Awareness amongst Children with his kind words.

The Green Brigade is a club organized by the students of Grade 11 of the School. Unlike a few other clubs, it is independent in its existence and presently, has no formal support in terms of funding. 
This club was set up by the Grade 11 students 3 to 4 years ago in order to contribute to the ecofriendly cause of saving their planet.
Its objectives include:

1. Sensitization of its members and other students to various environmental issues.

2. Promotion of practices that encourage conservation of our resources of water, electricity, food, paper, etc.

3. Reduction in all kinds of wastes and promotion of judicious utilization of our resources.

4. Dedication of its members to the cause of saving their planet with their own little contributions.

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