June - July

As we know, around 30% of all cancers are preventable and dragging youngsters into an unhealthy life because of our negligence can mean that we are ignoring our future.

We need to make young people conscious of their health and to encourage them to lead healthy lifestyles. The role of the schools while doing this is of basic importance. Schools should have a sensitive character and take an action to save young lives.

We believe that Cancer is an obstacle for sustainable development. The short-term objective of the Project is to form the regulations of these “Healthy Lifestyle Clubs.” The long-term objective of the Project is to transform it into a national and international Project where schools adopt a habit to take the measures to avoid cancer with the hope that more schools implement the model. The ultimate goal of the Project is to develop a sustainable model for schools where teenagers adopt a healthy lifestyle so that cancer incidences decrease.

The aim of this pilot project is to form “Healthy Lifestyle Clubs” in schools with the leadership in order to make teenagers who are future leaders, parents, scientists and artists aware of cancer diseases and the necessary preventions to avoid the disease.

The main activities of the Project are workshops, round table meetings, seminars and the panel in which teenagers are working actively for their future.

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