From time immemorial Indians have displayed tolerance and respect for all religions and communities. "Diwali Celebrations" held on October 31st 2013, proved to be a fine example of the harmony, respect, unity, and tolerance, which is encouraged at our Schools, no matter what religion or race we are born into

Our program was invocating Lord Ganesh, through a scintillating dance performance by the students. This was followed by a wonderful and heart rending dance – drama "The Ramayana". It was indeed a joy to see the students enact their parts so beautifully.

It was the simple joy of shining lights into many homes, which are not as privileged as the students who study here. Our students put up a great show for them and celebrated the festival of lights with the students from "Prem Dham".

Living up to the true spirit of Diwali festival, Staff and students spent Diwali with orphan children to share sweets and happiness and put a priceless smile on then.

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