Almost one Child dies every minute.
Despite rapid economic growth 9,00,000 newborn children die in India every year. This means more than one child dying every minute.

Under-nutrition, respiratory infections, lack of immunization and health facilities is the underlying causes of these newborn deaths. However, most of these deaths are preventable, if you choose to support foundations that protect the girl child and if we all spread awareness and do a little in our efforts to ensure that every child born gets the best start in life.

The challenge is tough. But a minute of your time and a little support every month is all that it takes to turn it around. Our girls became a Guardian of Hope for a day today.

The girls marched all along the streets with banners to spread awareness and also projected a brief "nukkad natak" to promote the cause.

TO SAVE THE GIRL CHILD had 1000 girls and staffwalked on the streets for this awareness campaign After all, life is the most beautiful gift you can give to a child.

Save a life by sparing a minute to pledge your support. Make your minute count!

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