Sports are a very important part of every child and their growing up phase. We inculcate a value system through the sports and a staunch believer of the fact that "Our days in the field are our days of glory". The break of dawn on the day promised to bathe everyone involved in the bright sunshine of glory and success. Parents were seen reaching the school in large numbers to encourage their own wards as well as other contestants who stood in the field with dreams in their eyes and fire in their bellies. The arrival of the chief guest raised the spirits of one and all and added much charm to the occasion. The event formally commenced with a march past by all the six prestigious houses of the school followed by contingents from Junior school and the school band. Watching the students March ahead in perfect synchronization was a treat to the eye.

The Cultural Bonanza comprising of drills and dances from around the world where beautifully attired students, through their mesmerizing dances left the spectators spell-bound where we had over 100 special children amongst the students who encourages disadvantaged individuals and communities to develop to their full potential in sport, education and health.

United Through Sport is motivated by two core beliefs:
1. Every man, woman and child has the right to participate in sport and should be enabled to do so.
2. Sport is a unifying force for good and should be used to promote community cohesion and personal wellbeing around the world.

Therefore, identifying talented young people and encouraging them to reach their full potential in sport and education.

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