Education is a fundamental human right. Because of lack of resources, millions of children remain deprived of educational opportunities. These children can also succeed in their life if provided with little support. Following the simple principle of ‘Giving back to the Society’, Samsara school has adopted Apna School- a school run in Sector Gamma at Greater Noida for the underprivileged children. Apna School is an undertaking of Vikas Vishranti Charitable Trust with 102 underprivileged children enrolled.

Students from Samsara School visit Apna School every week and teach Hindi, English and basic math to the children of Apna School. Beside this the students at Samsara provide resources in the form of uniform, books and stationery to these children. ‘Friday Collection’ is the scheme that is run by the Samsara Student Body Council wherein every child is encouraged to contribute some part of their pocket money towards the charity. This money is then utilised to provide basic items like toothbrush, soap, tooth-pate, biscuits etc.

These children are frequently invited to Samsara School on different occasions like projects, exhibitions, sports day and annual functions. They not only interact with our school students and staff but also take part in discussions, brain storming and share their ideas with the students at Samsara School. As a result these children have picked up various skills like communication, art, painting etc.

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