For many children in India, education is a luxury. Our ‘Education for All’ programme is aimed at supporting an NGO called Apna School which gets children from very poor backgrounds (often from wage workers’ families) into mainstream education.

Many of the children have been working as ‘rag pickers’ for most of their lives – an activity that involves children as young as 5 years old going to waste dumps to sift through rubbish, looking for anything that they can sell. Some of these children are orphans, others are from very poor families trying to support their relatives, and many live in slums.

The programme aims to help children by giving them a basic level of education so that they can have the skills needed to go on to apply to mainstream government or private schools.

At Samsara We want to sensitize our school children and teach them the basic principle of ‘Giving back to the Society’. We approach the underprivileged children at APNA School running in Sector Gama, Greater Noida(India). Our students of 9th class and Ms. Neelu Srivastava- our teacher are a part of the Social Service programmer. Our students teach these children basic subjects : English language, Math and Science. They interact with these children and even play team games like cricket, badminton etc. with them.

This project doesn’t just stop with visits and teaching lessons - it continues to offer support through initiatives (such as ‘Keep them Warm’ ‘Friday Collection’) that make every effort to provide warm clothes, books, stationery etc to these children.

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