24 November, 2015 New Delhi

Every year the school organizes a key annual event, as Annual Day, in the form of a sports fest, drama production, musical event, dance performance or a similar event. A key feature of these celebrations is that all students from NUR to class XII participate and made it an enjoyable and a memorable experience.The Principals of various schools were the attendees of the event.

It was celebrated amidst much enthusiasm from children, facilitators, parents & even grandparents. We had a lot of activities including cultural & physical demonstration, which brought the spirit of school amongst the children.

In keeping with the motto of the School, Social Service plays a significant role in the extra-curricular activities that are undertaken by the students. Girls make frequent visits to various institutions for voluntary service. They also collect funds from within the school and organize charity shows, for various relief organisations.

Cheshire Home - for the physically and the mentally handicapped : Senior girls visit Raphael every week, accompanied by a teacher. A Home for the mentally handicapped A customary weekly visit to this institution is greatly looked forward to by the girls. This is an important experience which has taught many a Girls to understand and include the “differently abled”, even if society has not.

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