A Philosophic Visit to old age Home

10 January, 2016 New delhi

To inculcate a sense of harmony and feelings of love and co-operation a visit to Old Age Home was organized for the students. Guided by a desire to create a home away from home, old age home is designed to provide residents with a relaxing yet structured life.

All efforts are made to insure that the residents live together as a single family unit by maintaining a cordial atmosphere, Our school children, distributed food items, clothes, toiletries etc. were collected and packed to contribute to the destitute and the displaced senior citizens.

The students spent quality time with them by singings hymns and their favourite songs and helped them to forget their loneliness and pain of separation from their dear ones.

while visiting an old age home children learn that its just not by giving the money only, its also the love one shares from the experienced souls. Thankfully, there are some things in our life which holds more importance than a piece of paper.

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