COVID-19 : Plugging The Gap, How Pcf Has Tried to Combat Hunger

2020 New delhi

Many in India, the biggest concern isn’t coronavirus. Its Hunger, the Pandemic has hit the life globally, And the lockdown to contain coronavirus has created a grave crisis for underprivileged sections of society as many of them depended on daily wages and had meagre savings. It has essentially shut all avenues to a livelihood and now, they are staring at hunger.

Governments are offerings meals to many, but with the size of the population and the semi-organised nature of the economy, gaps remain. And it’s during this hour of need that concerned citizens have once again risen to the occasion. Several people have taken it upon themselves to help and feed the hungry, with whatever resources they have or could raise

Concerned citizens have taken on the mantle of feeding India’s poor during the lockdown, and PCF has done their bit for feed the needy in this health crisis.

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